June Member of the Month

Crossfit R3 is proud to announce our 2019 June Member of the Month, Manny Kurtz! He has shown incredible gains since he has started CrossFit. He has a wonderful attitude and always comes into the box in “style”. Manny is such a friendly and outgoing person who always welcomes new members into our CrossFit community/family and always looking to make our family grow. Now only that, he has brought in quite a few new members including his wife, Amber, who is a pleasure to coach and workout with everyday. Read on to learn more about Manny and his CrossFit journey.

Tell us about yourself.  I was born and raised in the Albany area.  I spent most of my life growing up on a very large 33-acre chicken farm that housed over 150,000 chickens.  Amazingly I still like chicken.  My brother and I spent our summers driving tractors, farming, riding/jumping 3-wheelers, playing basketball until all hours of the night with friends and causing trouble, sorry mom.  Probably my most exciting/dangerous job was installing cell towers and access roads all over the State of Oregon.  I have worked for the City of Albany in the Public Works Engineering Dept for the last 19 years and truly enjoy my job and the many people/personalities that I encounter on a daily basis. 2 years ago my wife and I built our first house in Millersburg, projects still ongoing.  I have a very hard time sitting still so I am constantly dreaming up new projects.  To all the men out there…New Projects = New Tools.  To all the women out there…if you want your man to build you something, expect a new tool and a new flannel shirt to come with it.  I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, my mom, siblings and my in-laws in Yachats on the Oregon coast, where we dabble in every cheese and wine known to man.
Tell us something we don’t already know about you.  I sleep best with 4 – 5 pillows and I have a LOT of shoes.  If you go to CrossFit, you probably already know about the shoe issue.
What made you decide to try CrossFit, and why CrossFit R3?  A co-worker talked me into trying it out by signing up for a 6-week challenge class.  After 6 weeks I was hooked and cancelled my membership at SamFit.
What advice would you give to someone just starting CrossFit?  Don’t be afraid to try CrossFit.  Don’t make excuses, just walk through the door and be willing to try it.  I was definitely intimidated my first few classes.  Most of the movements taught in class, I had never done before.  Push your limits EVERY single class and don’t coast through a workout.  If it’s too easy, you are either not using enough weight or not pushing yourself hard enough.  It’s 1 hour of your day, you can do anything for 1 hour. And at least 30 minutes of that is stretching, rolling and warming up, so Just Do It!
What are your favorite words to live by/quote?  Be the things you loved most about the people that are gone.
What were your first thoughts after you first class?  I’m not sure what I got myself into.  I have a LOT to learn.   But I LOVE it!
How has CrossFit changed your life/lifestyle?  I love waking up in the morning feeling sore, somedays worse than others.  CrossFit has definitely improved my eating/drinking habits and overall, I feel pretty amazing.  Almost 10 years ago I had a really bad back injury and I remember my doctor telling me that he didn’t want me playing basketball again, ever.  Despite having a ruptured disc, this is not news that I received well and took it as a personal challenge to prove him wrong.  I still play competitive basketball to this day and doing CrossFit definitely helps with that!
What motivates you during a WOD?  My mind can go a lot of places during a WOD.  Why am I doing this?  Why am I paying for this punishment?  Is this how I am going to die?  Should my heart rate be at 180?  Seriously though, one motivator is that I am thankful that I have the physical ability to do CrossFit.  I’m sure that there are many people that wish they had the ability to do a CrossFit class and can’t because of some disability or injury and for that I am very thankful.  Another big motivator, probably my biggest, is the memory of my father, who I lost on August 12, 2017 after a 4-year battle with liver cancer.  Amazing man.  He survived 66 chemo treatments before cancer finally got the best of him.  I remember him playing volleyball at 65 years old with his chemo pump on.  Unbelievable.  My motivation is that if he can survive 4 years of treatments, surgeries, testing, scanning, etc., and still have an amazing attitude and positive outlook on life, then I can survive a 1-hour workout!  Another motivator is good music!
What is your favorite movement and least favorite movement?  Favorite is the clean and rowing workouts.  Least favorite is front squats, hard to keep those elbows up!  I don’t necessarily have a physically taxing job, so I really enjoy being able to show up for a class, not worry about what body part I am going to work, follow the coaches and de-stress.
What is your favorite cheat meal?  PIZZA and/or NACHOS, especially on the smoker!
If you created a WOD named after you what would it consist of?  I love the ‘chipper style workouts’ where you have to pace yourself.  It would consist of rowing, cleans, wallballs, burpees.
What is your biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far?  Finally getting my wife to come to a CrossFit class with me after 2 years.

May Member of the Month

My name is Savannah. I grew up in North Eugene, studied at Oregon State, then worked/studied in Oklahoma before coming back to Oregon. Health, wellness, and agriculture have always been near and dear to my heart.  I currently live in the Harrisburg area and am blessed to have a career in the animal health industry where I have the pleasure of working with dairy producers and veterinarians all over the state of Oregon driving Dairy Wellness. Healthy Cows, Healthy Dairies, Healthy Food! 

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.
With a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State, Master’s degree from Oklahoma State, and currently working for a company whose colors are also black and orange, I’d like to think I literally bleed Orange!  Go Beavers! 

What made you decide to try CrossFit, and why CrossFit R3?
I knew for a long time that CrossFit would be a great fit for me. I have always been a strong athlete and played team sports as well as track & field, and I loved the idea of CrossFit being something you can individually excel at and push yourself toward PR’s relevant to your own journey, yet have an awesome team of folks around you to always push you harder and encourage you to keep fighting through every workout. I crave the team atmosphere, and I really feel like I get that here. 
CrossFit R3 really stood out to me being easy to after work, as well as having full gym access, other group classes, awesome coaches, and child care for the future! I love having a community of like minded folks that have become more than just people you see at the gym, but friends too.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting CrossFit?
Don’t be afraid to be a beginner, and don’t worry about what you used to be able to do. Start where you are today, and build from there!  

What are your favorite words to live by/quote?
You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want and ignore the noise. 

What were your first thoughts after your first class? “That sucked. What’s next?!” 

How has CrossFit changed your life/lifestyle?
CrossFit has been my place to go to get back to focusing on what is important to me. I get discouraged when my work travels and happenings keep me away, but R3 has been the place for me to go to get grounded again and back into the routines I crave. I have loved learning about The Zone Diet. It has really helped me get back on track with my nutrition during my daily travels. I have learned to be okay with imperfection on days that don’t allow it, but I love being able to get back to the basics and keep progressing!  

What motivates you during a WOD?
Good music and getting to that last round.
What is your favorite movement and your least favorite movement?
Favorite: cleans.
Least favorite currently: front squats  

What is your favorite cheat meal?
My favorite cheat treat.. Reese’s 

What is your biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far?
Competing in partner competitions. I have many goals to chase for individual movements, but competing in comps has been motivating and a good accomplishment so far.  

If you created a WOD named after you what would it consist of?
Probably running, wall balls, cleans, and sit-ups. 

April Member of the Month

I joined the gym in 2009 and was given 7 basic exercises to work on. After a month I took a Fit Camp class with a couple of friends. I got hooked and became a regular 5 a.m.’er.  I enjoyed the positive environment and camaraderie. After a few years of Fit Camp, Darrell’s classes, and spin classes, CrossFit was introduced. It was Tabata Air Squats. That left a lasting (and painful) impression. Though it was difficult to leave Fit Camp, the natural transition (and encouragement) was to CrossFit WODs. The learning and conditioning curve was, and still is a long one.  Because the WODs are so varied I feel like I am still adapting to the intensity of different exercises.  For people new to CrossFit, I would say mental toughness is often more important than the physical demands to complete WODs, and to know your limits and expect to surpass them.  Even though there is emphasis on personal bests I am still motivated by working out with other people. My favorite movements are snatch and overhead squats because of how challenging they are to execute. My least favorite movement is front rack lunge for now and this could change. My favorite cheat meal is home made pizza. I think a WOD named after me would have snatches, overhead squats, pull-ups, and running. My biggest accomplishment so far in CrossFit has been 1 ring muscle up.  I have not been able to repeat. 

March Member of the Month

 Crossfit R3 is proud to announce our 2019 March Member of the Month, Courtney Sevey! She has shown incredible gains since she has started CrossFit. She has a wonderful attitude and taste in music (Dad Rap). Courtney is an athlete who not only comes into the CrossFit box to workout and get better everyday, but has developed a family relationship with every person in the box. Thank you for being such an outstanding individual Courtney, you are awesome. Read on to learn more about Courtney and her CrossFit journey.

  • Tell us about yourself.

I’m just a normal person, doing Crossfit. I’m from Eureka, CA, I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2002;  I did not major in drum circles :). My husband and I moved to Kailua-Kona, HI after I graduated. We loved Hawaii, surfing, outrigger canoe paddling, camping, drinking… we did it all.. We returned in 2011 now a family, to Oregon for my husband to pursue his degree at Oregon State University. Shortly after moving to Oregon, I started working out again, beginning on the treadmill, spinning, fitcamp and about a year later I started CrossFit.

  • Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I hate whistling. Why is it even a thing? It’s annoying and if you do it, you should stop, now.

  • What made you decide to try CrossFit, and why CrossFit R3?

I blame Michelle Christensen, she’s an all-around bad ass and got me to go after Spin class one morning! I completed my 2 week trial and added CrossFit to my membership.  I loved CrossFit, I had never lifted weights before and felt so strong. I feel supported by trainers and my CrossFit R3 community, while trainers and the community changes from time to time, the atmosphere continues to be welcoming and supportive.

  • What advice would you give to someone just starting CrossFit?

Keep coming back, set a goal, any goal, a movement you want to improve on or attending a certain number of days per week. You’ll surprise yourself if you just keep coming back.

  • What are your favorite words to live by/quote?

“You get what you give”

  • What were your first thoughts after you first class?

I think I blocked them out, remember I came after doing 5am Spin.

  • How has CrossFit changed your life/lifestyle?

I’m able to do weekend warrior actives without injury or paying for it later. I’ve improved eating habits, learning what does and doesn’t work for me and I pay more attention to my overall health, since starting CrossFit.

  • What motivates you during a WOD?

I’m motivated by my CrossFit community, I see amazing athletes pushing through the WOD and I know I need to keep going.

  • What is your favorite movement and your least favorite movement?

My favorite movement is the back squat and my least favorite are sit ups.

  • What is your favorite cheat meal?


  • What is your biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far?

My 190# back squat, soon to be 200# 😊

  • If you created a WOD named after you what would it consist of?

Rowing for calories and push jerk