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Meet Lindsey, one of our Athletes at CrossFit R3.
I hope her story inspires you as much as she inspires us.

In 2011 my youngest daughter was born and I decided that I wanted to lose the baby weight and get into shape. I started working out and then suddenly one day I just couldn’t do push-ups. No big event or trauma, just an achy shoulder that refused to do what it had done many times before. After a lot of frustration I finally saw a doctor and was told that I had a badly torn labrum. On November 16, 2011 I had surgery and expected this to be just a blip on my radar. Unfortunately that isn’t how the story played out.
After an incredibly painful and frustrating recovery, I wasn’t getting any better. In fact, I was far worse than I had ever been. My friend and physical therapist insisted that I see a different doctor and get his opinion. I met my new surgeon and he scheduled me for another surgery almost immediately. For reasons that no one really understand, my shoulder was incredibly difficult to fix and by the time I got to R3 in 2016, I had undergone 7 surgeries. I was on powerful painkillers every day. I had rigged up a way to use my towel rack to hold my hairdryer because it was too heavy. I couldn’t wash my own hair, fasten a bra or get a sweatshirt on over my head. I could hold a cup of coffee but was unable to lift it to my lips to take a drink. I was at an all time low mentally and physically. Two months after my last surgery, my friend Megan and I were visiting and she kept telling me about how much she loved CrossFit and that I should try it. I told her she was insane; there was no way someone as ‘broken’ as I was could do that stuff. She had her own challenges to overcome and convinced me that I should at least check it out. On February 16, 2016, I walked into CrossFit R3 and met with Deana. I was certain that after hearing my story she would turn me away. But luckily that is absolutely NOT what happened. I went through a few individual sessions with her to learn some of the movements and then I started attending evening classes with Linden. Deana stayed with me through my first 2 classes. I started coming to class almost every evening and always felt a little guilty that Linden had to personalized my workouts because I usually couldn’t do much of what was written on the whiteboard, but he was never ever bothered by it. I was willing to put in the work and the time to improve slowly and not injure myself in the process. My only goal was to be functional and independent in my daily life.  
Fast forward to today...lots of hard work, sweat, tears and many personal-bests later...CrossFit R3 has transformed my life in so many ways: physically, mentally and emotionally. R3 gave me a new family, a community that believes in each other and ALWAYS shows up to support and cheer one another on in everything, not just fitness.
I finally believe in myself, I know I can conquer whatever life throws at me.  Thank you R3!


Meet April, another inspiring athlete at R3 and Fitness Experience.  She brings a smile and always works hard.  We are so proud to be a part of her journey.



In May 2011 I came to Fitness Experience broken physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I remember my first day; Coach Brenda welcomed and showed me around.  I had never been so scared in my life.  I started off easy with just cardio, by myself.  Then, through the encouragement of my sister and Brenda, I moved on to Spin class.  The weight began to drop and I began to heal physically, but also mentally and spiritually as well.  I remember at time in spin class shaking my head thinking I could not do this and Coach Deana would yell out “Don’t shake your head, you got this, push through, YOU CAN DO THIS!”  

Within 16 months at Fitness Experience I lost over 100 lbs and everything began to change.  I became empowered!  My confidence grew!  I began to have the courage to change not only my outside, but inside as well.  I enrolled full-time at LBCC and began working on my degree.

As time progressed, my weight loss journey began to slow down.  I began to get frustrated because of what the scale was saying, and then something happened.  I walked into class and written on the board was this, (btw I still tear up every time I tell this part), You do not know this but you came here for a reason.  You are STRONG, you are BEAUTIFUL, And YOU ARE AN ATHLETE."  

That was an epic moment in my journey. I thought someone else who barely knows me believes so much more in me than I do myself. For the first time, I realized, “Yes April you are all of these things."  From that point, nothing would hold me back!  I became bold and started participating in 5K’s and even the Warrior Dash.


You've got THIS!

As time passed, I eventually tried CrossFit.  Mind you, I think I was 41 when I started.  CrossFit has helped me go from 46% body fat to 31%.  CrossFit has allowed me to compete against my biggest demon, MYSELF!   And WIN!  When I enter R3, none of the chaos from the day goes with me.  I am able to walk in to my safe place, a place where I am accepted and loved. I am loved just for me, loved for my strength, my hard work, my discipline, my sweat, my tears and my eagerness to come in and be better than I was the day before. I am surrounded by people who believe in me!  We are a family! CrossFit is a lifestyle and it changes you. With the help of CrossFit R3 and Fitness Experience, I have become empowered. I have changed my life. I have become empowered to set a healthy example for my children. 

Thank you Brenda, Deana, Linden, and Alec!  Thank you all for helping me save my life!  There are not sufficient words to express my gratitude, so instead, I will show you each time I enter our box...I will leave better than I was the day before.  And if by chance I should fail or want to give up, I will reach out to you for help and together we will push through.  

If by chance you are reading this and have not been to our gym I will leave you this…. “You are reading this for reason…  You KNOW what needs to be done…  You are strong…. You are BEAUTIFUl…. You are an athlete…..”



“I couldn’t ask for better coaches, being a little older I love that there is always an alternative for a movement I may not be able to do, and still able to get the same results. The investment made in each athlete/client is amazing, always in tune and always making the effort to make us better and stronger and finding what works best for us as an individual.”


“Our coaches help identify each individual’s strength and weakness and then provide a perfect balance of support, encouragement, and CHALLENGE!  Always taking time to answer questions and ensure correct form is used. I can see true sincerity and enjoyment of each person's success no matter what level.”




“Deana, Alec, and Linden are unmatched in their professional, knowledgeable and natural teaching abilities.”


“The coaches have a very high level of expertise in all aspects of fitness along with all the unmatched skills needed to do CrossFit. They care about their members and we all feel like we’re one big family. I’m definitely the strongest and in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I’m in my 50’s!”


“Change your body in ways you’ve never thought attainable. The coaches will help you achieve anything you put your heart and soul into.”


Gobbler Gauntlet 2017