“Change your body in ways you’ve never thought attainable. The coaches will help you achieve anything you put your heart and soul into.”

“I couldn’t ask for better coaches, being a little older I love that there is always an alternative for a movement I may not be able to do, and still able to get the same results. The investment made in each athlete/client is amazing, always in tune and always making the effort to make us better and stronger and finding what works best for us as an individual.”

 “R3 coaches are unmatched in their professional, knowledgeable and natural teaching abilities.”

“The coaches have a very high level of expertise in all aspects of fitness along with all the unmatched skills needed to do CrossFit. They care about their members and we all feel like we’re one big family. I’m definitely the strongest and in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I’m in my 50’s!”

“I hadn’t worked out in years and was so intimidated by CrossFit, but was always interested. I finally just did it and am so glad I did! I just got my first pull-up, and I’m in my 40s! The family atmosphere and sense of community is amazing! I LOVE R3!!!”

“Our coaches help identify each individual’s strength and weakness and then provide a perfect balance of support, encouragement, and CHALLENGE!  Always taking time to answer questions and ensure correct form is used. I can see true sincerity and enjoyment of each person's success no matter what level.”

“I was so scared to start, but the coaches and members made me feel at ease and like family from day one. A great community of people.”