Our coaches spend a great deal of time programming your workouts to ensure you get results, with injury prevention in mind; avoiding overuse of one muscle group day after day. If you do have previous injuries, our coaches take pride in and use their education and experience to tailor a workout for you. You simply cannot get this kind of personalized training at any other box with the experience and level of education of our coaches.


Alec Pacheco


  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Oregon State University

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Experience coaching since 2015

  • Experience in CrossFit since 2011

Alec's enthusiasm and pride in what he does is infectious. He will push you to your limit and support you every step of the way. His dedication to your success is apparent from the first day you walk in the door. Alec's attention to detail ensures you have excellent set up and body mechanics for every movement. He is able to fine tune and improve the form of even the most experienced CrossFitter, making sure you are doing each movement safely and correctly.


Isaac Peterson




Deana Wyland


  • Master of Science in Exercise Science

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Endurance

  • CrossFit Mobility 2015

  • Experience coaching since 1998

  • Cycling, Yoga Fit and LMT

Deana's experience and passion for your success through a supportive, encouraging environment is unmatched.  She has a way of making every person in class feel welcome and challenged, no matter their athletic ability or fitness level.  

Personal training, teaching senior fitness classes, CrossFit, and Spinning are great passions of mine. My specialties are injury prevention, post rehabilitation, and weight loss. My hobbies include: trail running, hiking, biking, and NFL Football. Go Hawks!!!


Mason Soto