04-24 Tuesday

Gymnastics testing
1 min Max HSPU (Strict) 
1 min Max pull ups (Strict) 
(Use progressions on the whiteboard if you do not have strict HSPU or Strict pull ups) 

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (53/35) 
12 pull ups

Record your score and if you scaled write down your scaling option.  We will retest this WOD in 8 weeks.  

“Look inward, not outward”

Everyone faces adversity – this is a given. Life wouldn’t be interesting without it.
How we respond to it varies dramatically from individual to individual.

There are two types of mindsets: A fixed mindset, and a growth mindset.

In a fixed mindset, an individual is trapped within their own perceived limitations. When someone else gets the promotion or the job, it just “wasn’t meant to be”. They blame the world, they blame the organization for having a bias, they blame the weather. It is a mentality that offers excuses, over solutions.

A growth mindset is one of extreme ownership. It is a mindset of continual self reflection. If something didn’t go as planned, what can I do about it? What can I do better next time? The growth mindset seeks out the short-term pain for the long term gain, which is the opposite of the fixed.

We will find adversity. It will be today, tomorrow, or sometime this week. How will we respond? Will we blame the world, our conditions, the weather? Or will we take the harder path, and find what we can do differently next time?**