04-25 Wednesday

Find 1RM Push Press

WOD: if finished
4-6 rounds not for time:
50m Heavy Farmers carry
1 min Front Rack hold (body weight) 
1 min around the world


“Those who haven’t committed to mastery, have committed to mediocrity.” – Robin Sharma

The message is clear: to master a skill, one must commit with fierce passion.
This we can all agree with, especially in the regard of CrossFit. It takes patience, never mind enormous levels of effort. It takes an unbreakable will, never mind countless hours and sacrifices. It takes our best foot forward, every time.

Can we take this thought outside the gym, into our personal lives? Or must it be a direct “skill”, such as a double-under?
Can we master our temper?
Master our ability to refrain from gossip and rumors at work?
Master the will to walk the shopping cart back to where it belongs after putting the groceries in the car, despite how no one is in the parking lot to even notice?

The answer, is yes. With fierce passion, we can master the mind, which can eventually be used to master the double-under.
It will not work nearly as well, the other way around.