04-30 Monday Endurance 6am

12 min EMOM
1-35% HSPU
2-30% HSPU
3-25% HSPU
4-rest (3 rounds)      

WOD: Helen
3 Rounds:
400m run
21 KB swings
12 pull ups                                        

2000m row/bike talking pace

“Happiness lies in the journey – not the destination.”

Things like the above make us as coaches so proud. It speaks to the level of commitment our team has to the process, and is purely a testament to your work ethic and mental toughness. 

Yet, the quote above reminds me of something very important – that the process is more important to focus on than the end state.

Sometimes we focus too much on the end state. And find ourselves believing that when we get there, we’ll be happy (and we won’t be until that happens). Whatever that goal is, it will be incredible when we actually do accomplish it. Absolutely. But, by focusing on that destination, we actually aren’t actually moving towards it. Instead, we want to focus on the means of getting there. The process. The day to day actions that contribute towards that bigger picture. Because when we live each day in a conscious state of mind, appreciative of every experience we undergo and making the absolute best of every situation and learning opportunity… the end state takes care of itself.