05-01 Tuesday

Gymnastics  Progression: See the goals board to determine your group
Pull up/Muscle up: 
Group A:
5X5 Strict C2B pull up 2:2:2 tempo-Add weight if needed
4X10 false grip ring rows
Group B: 
3X8-12 strict pull up-add weight if needed
4X8-10 Ring row feet on box
Group C: 
3X8-12 Banded pull up or barbell pull up
4X8-10 steep ring rows

Push up: 
Group A: 
3X8-12 gymnastics push ups feet on box/pike
5X5 ring dip w/ 1 sec pause at bottom
Group B: 
3X8-12 perfect push ups (quads and abdomen cannot touch the ground, chest must touch)
5X5 banded dips
Group C: 
3X8-12 Banded push up/negative to toes
5X5 ring push ups

2000m row for time
***Note your time, this will be retested in 7 weeks***

“Live life on purpose” – Simon Sinek

Building our “why” is the most important of all.
Instead of living our lives by accident – as it comes and goes – we can find fulfillment by choosing to do what we do, with purpose.

We don’t want to confuse the excitement of getting a promotion, or closing the next deal with this deeper side of emotion.
Purpose is not about what we do, but why we do it.
And the why is entirely up to you.
It can be that you’re part of something bigger than yourself.
It can be the love to and from our colleagues.
It can be the feeling of being valued, or valuable.
It can be what you are imparting on the world – changing it truly for the better.

We want to identify it. And then move it to the forefront in our thoughts in every action we take.
It’s not about what you do, but why you do it. What is your purpose behind the actions you will take today?