05-14 Monday

Back Squats 5X5 add 5lb from last week 

3X10 each leg Front rack lunge w/40% 1RM front squat
3X10 weighted or banded squat jumps

Conditioning option: (Strength progression) 
5 rounds
10 Front Squats (40% 1RM) 
:30s Lunge jumps
:30s squat jumps
10 cal Legs only AD
rest 3 min twn rounds

“A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.” – Bo Bennett

A thought process yesterday was to question, in a healthy way, our routine perceptions and actions.

The quote today builds upon that thought, and reminds us of the power of questioning.
Questioning the why, questioning the how, and questioning if we can do things any bit better. Whereas a statement may lead to complacency, a question can lead to positive change.

Complacency is a very real thing, and limits much of our growth. The challenging thing about it is that we can fall victim without hardly even noticing it. We are creatures of habit – which is a good thing – but, we need to constantly re-evaluate with that question. “Can this be done better?”

Continue to examine our days this week, and ask those questions. What can we do better, from the way we prepare ourselves for the day in the morning, to the last thing we do before bed?