05-08 Tuesday

Gymnastics Progression: 
Pull up Progression
Group A: 8X2 Weighted chin up (as heavy as possible)
               4X4 partial holds (half way up hold 2 sec, pull to the top hold 2 sec then back 1/2                   way, back to start.   
Group B: 4X4 Negatives (3-5 sec) 
               3X6 strict pull up 2 sec up 2 sec down
Group C: 4X4 Ring pull up negatives (3-5sec) 
               3X6 steep ring row 2 sec up 2 sec down

Push up Progression: 
Group A: 4X4 Dips 4:2:1 tempo (4 sec down: 2 sec hold: 1 sec up) 
Group B: 4X4 Negative Deficit push ups 4:2:1 tempo
Group C: 4X4 Negatives (4 sec)  (down on toes up on knees) 
Teams of 3: 
300 cal row
**1 person holds heavy sand bag 1 person rests**

The essence of philosophy is that a man should live so that happiness shall depend on as little as possible on external things.” – Epictetus

Much of our mindset draws back to this principle. To be our best, we must focus on what we can control.

It is a matter of effort, in which we only have so much to spend. Focusing it entirely on where it actually counts, where it actually makes a difference, is the most powerful advantage we can leverage.

As we approach our training, flood our thoughts with things we can control.
The quality of our warmup. The nutrition leading into. Our mindset and strategy during. And most importantly, our effort.
Leave no doubt that we make each day our best effort.