05-09 Wednesday

5X5 push press +5lbs from last week
3X10 Seated Alternating DB shoulder press (10 each) 

Clusters (185/125) (Cluster is a squat clean thruster) 
Box Jump (36/30) 

**Tuck Jumps instead of box step ups** 

(If heats are needed, 1 heat will work and heat 2 will do :30 HB rocks or hold on the minute) 

“Amor Fati.”

“To love fate”.
This quote is to remind us not only accept the outcomes that occur, but to make the absolute best of them.

Today’s mindset is about treating each and every moment – regardless of how challenging or difficult it may be – as something to be embraced. To not only be “okay” with it, but to truly love it. This is mental toughness. The ability to turn something that is seemingly bad, into something good.

The champion mindset is that of opportunity. To see every outcome as a chance for improvement.
To turn even the most dreaded of situations into actionable steps forward – and to appreciate every step along the way.
In the champion mindset, there are no steps backwards. Only fuel for our potential.