07-26 Thursday

The Break up: 
EMOM As long as Possible
1 push press + 1 burpee each person (I go/you go) 
Continue to climb until you can no longer complete the task in 1 minute
rest 8 minutes
The Make up: 
6 rounds alternating with your partner
5 Snatch (95/65) 
10 pull ups
200m run
***Partner is holding a plank while the other one is going through the rounds*** 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

Just start.

We’ve used this mindset in our strategy pieces inside workouts.  If we can remove that moment of hesitation, we quickly find the first repetitions are always there. We just needed to get going, and not overthink it. This applies to today’s workout, but also, to so much more outside the gym walls.

It is very common for one to await the right moment to starting living their life.
Waiting does not push us towards our goals.
Waiting allows time to slip by, with nothing to show for it.
There is never the picture perfect time to start, but how often to we slip into the pitfall of holding off, seeking out that ideal moment?

We all face “rain”, and even more unnerving at times, “storms”. This is life, and also, uncontrollables. They’re going to happen.
What we do have complete control over is how we will respond to these incidents.
Will we take shelter inside, and await for a better day, or will we enjoy even the harshest of weather, and get outside?

We love the word “dance” in the second half of the quote.
It’s enjoying the rain. Embracing the adversity. And thriving in it.
This is who we are. Let’s dance in the storm.