07-31 Tuesday

Old School Weight lifting

5X5 Floor Press/Bench press (buid) 
5X5-10 Ring Push ups
5X10 Skull crushers

5X6-8 Barbell or DB bent over row
5X10 Ring Row
5X10 Bicep Curls

1 attempt 1 min max cal AD (Highest cal of the the day male/female will win a prize) 

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence of the future” – Seneca

Take a moment today to enjoy the present.

How often do we rush to finish, to move onto the next, only to rush once again. How often do we become fixated on the end state, instead of the process?

The end-state is often out of our physical control. We can’t decide that. What we can decide on, what we do have complete control over, is this present moment… and what we choose to do with it.

The aim is not to ignore the future. We still plan for it. However the pitfall is when we spend so much time thinking about the future, we ignore the present. Until it has become the past. All of this can sound mindlessly simple – and it is. Yet we often become so occupied in the moment, so frantically busy, that we actually living in this moment.

Happiness is delivered in many forms, one of which is to enjoy every experience.
Be present in what we take part in today, whatever that may be, and enjoy every moment.