08-07 Tuesday

3X max L-sit directly followed by 15 weighted sit ups or V-ups

21 burpee box jump
800m run
7 rope climbs
15 burpee box jump
800m run
5 rope climbs
9 burpee box jump
800m run
 3 rope climbs

“We achieve more when we chase the dream, instead of the competition”.

This is a sport where we are constantly wondering what the “competition” is up to. Friendly or not, we have peers that we keep in mind, in which we consciously or subconsciously compare our scores with.

A rising tide elevates all ships. Let’s capitalize on the positives that come from camaraderie and friendly competition. But let’s also fully recognize the pitfalls that many can slip into during the process. Through it all, we want to remind ourselves of the single factor we can control – our best effort.