08-09 Thursday

"Row"meo and Juliet
Team of 3
300 wall balls
4000m run
5000m row
**One person at each station, you rotate off of the runner.  Rotate every 200m**

“When you have one foot in the past, and one in the future, you piss on the present.” – Dan Harris

It’s fun to think about the future, and it’s easy to dwell on the past.
What is more challenging is to put the thought power into the present – what is directly in front of us. Right now.
Even when times or acts today may seem insignificant… let’s recognize they aren’t. Nothing is insignificant, from the most minor conversation at work, to the most subtle acts at home between family members.

We never know when it’s our last moment.
It’s less of a morbid thought, and more of a recognition of how fast our lives can be.
How we do anything, is how we do everything.