2-22 Friday - The Open has begun!

19.1 - All Classes

Please make sure you have your name on the sign up.
Heats will be ran promptly, each athlete must have a judge if they are signed up for the open.

CrossFit R3 2019 Open class schedule is:   5am-7:30am, 9:15-11:00am, and 4:15-6:15pm.                  

All athletes who are signed up for the Open must have a judge appointed to them. Movement standards will be briefed before each heat.  

Heat sign ups will be available in the box on Wednesday. Preference will be given to the registered athletes. All heat schedules are tentative until the workouts have been released.  

Athletes need to arrive at a minimum of 15 minutes before thier scheduled heat time to allow for an ample warm up.

Once heat timing has been established,  heats will start promptly (think of comp heats). If you are late, we will start without you, and you will be staged in the next available heat.  

Email alec.pacheco@fitnessexperienceinc.com if you'd like to be a judge in the 2019 Open.